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Experiential Week

What is a Experiential Week?

Experiential Weeks allow intense examination of a particular topic. We have up to two Experiential Weeks a year. These weeks enable students to share the in-depth exploration of a topic with their peers and visitors. The topic studied in each Focus Week changes every term. The normal school timetable is suspended for the week.

What do students do during a Experiential Week?

All Experiential Weeks feature external speakers, live demonstrations by experts, field trips and hands-on workshops. Access to these external experts helps students make connections between the knowledge they have accumulated and the real world. It also exposes students to a variety of careers.

Students are able to quickly apply their newly acquired understanding and skills to practical challenges because of the larger blocks of time spent on learning new concepts.

What makes Experiential Week special?

Access to experts – In the past presentations and workshops have been given by Olympians, Egyptologists, published authors, fuel cell engineers, local musicians and many other professionals.

Field Trips – Much of the learning comes from participating in frequent and diverse field trip activities. There is no substitute for ‘Hands on Learning’! Recent excursions have been made to the Supreme Court in Vancouver, Stave Lake Dam, the Capilano Salmon Hatchery, the Orpheum Theatre and the Sing Tao Chinese newspaper.