Testimonials - Choice School


The very first day Sebastian went to Choice School was the “Assessment day”. The Administration, Teachers and Students welcomed Sebastian with open arms. Upon this visit, he soon searched out to students he could converse with both socially and intellectually. Once Seb started in the K/1 Class at Choice School, he made friends with students with similar interests and was encouraged to work at a pace to reach his intellectual abilities.

The administration, teachers, SEAs and parents work together to develop an IEP for each student that best suits and promotes their needs and growth. They have an amazing way of promoting and encouraging each student to achieve a standard of work habits that takes them to a level of intellectual learning that challenges them. They are also very receptive of any proven materials and implementations that we, the parents and grandparents, have brought in from outside resources.

Seb’s emotional, sensory and physical needs are recognized and handled very well. We are very happy to have found a most remarkable school that promotes and encourages a higher level of education that fulfills these bright students needs. And now we are looking forward to another exciting new school year!

Sebastian’s Parents and Grandparents

Like all gifted children, our son, James, has a passion for learning. He also has ADHD. He spent three frustrating years in a supportive learning classroom for students with behavioural challenges, before we finally found Choice. When we first heard about a school for gifted children, we pictured an elitist environment with rows of children quietly focused on their academics. Instead Choice is a vibrant, friendly place where the children are actively engaged in learning. At Choice, James is happy to be at school. He has gone from being a reluctant reader to enjoying Shakespeare, from being in a classroom segregated from the rest of the school to master-of-ceremonies at the Choice talent show. It is not just the small class sizes and unique program that make Choice special, it is the entire Choice community of teachers, staff, directors, parents and students. We feel privileged to have been a part of Choice School this year and look forward to next year.

Andy and Lori

My son has been privileged to spend three years at Choice School. This institution is exceptional, from the quality of the instruction, to the parent community, to the administration, to the superlative and dependable bus service. We have been in such good hands.

Knowing how to approach this very special group of students is an art form, and not a science, but these dedicated teachers make it look easy. They embrace each child and foster his or her abilities (abilities which are, in many cases, of the highest order) yet never lose sight of the entire child; the need to foster good work habits, social skills, emotional development and organizational skills. This is done within a curriculum which moves at an appropriately fast pace for these bright students, and includes many opportunities for enrichment: field trips, guest speakers, projects and presentations, and an environment where there is time for deep conversations and spirited discussion. The smaller classes ensure that everyone gets just exactly what he or she needs in a setting of safety and acceptance.

Talented and inspiring art and music teachers round out the teaching staff, and the time devoted to drama, fine art and phys-ed ensures that each child who comes away from Choice has acquired not only the self-confidence to shine in his or her area of natural ability, but also skills and familiarity pertaining to other areas of school life, to better prepare him or her for a wonderful high school career.

We could not be more pleased with the education our son has received at Choice. He was welcomed with open arms from day one; appreciated for his strengths, nurtured in his talents, and gently directed in his areas of challenge. Thank you ChoiceSchool, you have made a difference in our family.


We are very happy to have sent Sabrina to Choice. The teachers and students are all very friendly and passionate about learning, and the environment is excellent. There are a lot of field trips and challenge activities, which broadens students’ knowledge and introduce them to a wide variety of sports and cultures. The school also accommodates Sabrina’s talent at math, and she no longer feels bored during math classes. We can easily see her overall improvement over the past year, and she is happy to go to school every day. We would like to thank all of the wonderful teachers at Choice. It has certainly been a memorable year for Sabrina!

Maggie and Paul

Our son was floundering in grade four.  Choice offered specialization in gifted education which was just what he needed.  We moved him right away.  Choice kept us coming back with its compassionate, knowledgeable teachers and staff, engaging educational offerings, and small classes where our son, and others like him, found a place to express themselves and be heard.  Thanks to Choice, our son enjoys school, has successfully completed his elementary program and is entering the mini-school of his choice.

Andrew and Alison

I would like to express my gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the teachers and the staff at Choice School. The School supports  William’s talent in math, and with the guidance  of his teachers, his math skills have advanced two years beyond the grade level typical of his age . William has learned many new things at a young age such as doing presentations with PowerPoint, and speaking confidently in front of an audience.  He has enjoyed working together with students, and participating in special events such as camping, drama, and La Fete.

William has been taught to be confident, and he is prouder of himself as all his hard work has paid off. As he moves on to the Eric Hamber Challenge Program he will miss all of his teachers and the friends that he made at Choice School. He will always remember the memories he made at Choice School.

Thank you Choice School for helping my son grow into the confident young teenager he is today.