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Gifted Students

There are a number of ways to define a gifted student. The BC Ministry of Education includes gifted individuals as one of their Special Needs categories and the link to their information can be found under Resources and Links.

The Columbus Group state that giftedness is a distinctive and atypical pattern of development in which children’s cognitive abilities are developing at a faster rate than expected for their age.  This asynchronous development creates disparities between attained levels of intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and skill development.

The result is that gifted children are out of sync with other same-age children and do not fit the age-related expectations of the culture. At the same time these children’s advanced cognitive abilities combine with heightened intensity to produce inner experience and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm.

High-ability and gifted students and thrive when they are offered opportunities to learn at a pace, depth and breadth that matches their abilities and their passions. At Choice, we provide a dynamic environment in which individual abilities and differences are recognized, accepted and supported. Our experienced teachers are experts in supporting gifted and twice-exceptional learners, and share their students’ excitement for the adventure of learning.