Field Trips & Extracurricular Activities - Choice School

Field Trips & Extracurricular Activities

Field Trips

Field trips and workshops are essential parts of both the primary and intermediate programs. In addition, we have access to scientific and academic experts for special projects and continue to develop relationships with local museums and institutions to create varied topical studies for all age groups.

Past Focus Weeks have included explorations of ‘The Media’, Criminology’, ‘The Wonderful World of BC’ and ‘Movies and the Theatre’. Ground-breaking visits were made to the Stanley and Orpheum Theatres by inviting Choice School to be their first elementary school to visit on a field trip.

Extracurricular Activities

Many extracurricular programs take place alongside the usual academic curriculum throughout the year. These include: Yoga, Physical Fitness Training, Roots and Shoots, Chess Club and Student Council.

If the students have an interest we will try to develop it and if they would like to try out a whole variety of new experiences…Choice School is the place!