Programs - Choice School


At Choice, small class sizes of no more than 16 students ensure that children get ample individual attention. We design a program to fit your child’s individual education needs. Our programs include:

  • Individual Education Plans
    In October of 2016, the B.C. Ministry of Education recognized Choice School for the Gifted as a Special Education School, thus acknowledging the unique learning profile and specific learning needs that accompany giftedness. Each of our students works within an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that recognizes and documents his or her individual strengths and challenges and guides the personalized learning for which Choice is known. Early in the school year, teachers meet with each student’s parents to review data and draft an IEP plan. The IEP forms the basis for adaptation for instruction where necessary and at reporting periods, teachers include progress towards IEP goals as part of the report to students and their families. Students are encouraged and supported in tracking their progress and setting new goals when appropriate, a step towards supporting independent self-aware learners.
  • Problem-Based Learning is encouraged so that what children learn is directly applied to real life situations. For example, when learning about the challenges of travel in ancient China, students took the problems confronting the Chinese and examined whether these were still apparent today. The teacher led the students in considering the challenges of transport today and had the students write an imaginary letter to their Member of Parliament requesting a response to their findings calling for more environmental transportation awareness.
  • Managed Acceleration allows students who are advanced in a particular area to be placed in an advanced class. This enables students to be accommodated in a class which meets their academic developmental level, rather than being confined to their chronological age.
  • Learning Disabled Support allows students who have learning difficulties in some areas to receive extra support with a specialist teacher. This is done in small groups, one-to-one or when appropriate within the classroom.