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Tuition Assistance

Choice School’s Tuition Assistance Program is created for those families who have a child that needs to be at our school but whose family may not have the resources to provide this gift of education. Every year our community provides for funding that enables children who will flourish in an advanced academic program to attend Choice School.

There are financial obligations when a family sends their child to an independent school. The primary expense is tuition; payments which go to support the cost of teachers, supplies and facilities. Families whose current financial circumstances may not support the payment of the various fees required to enroll in Choice School are encouraged to make an application for support under the School’s Tuition Assistance Program.  The School seeks students whose families are committed to the vision of the school and to using their own resources to make this education their top priority. Our School will act as partners with your family to discover what resources are available to enable you to give the gift of a Choice School education to your child.

To apply for Tuition Assistance please read the following:

  1. The Student must be enrolled in or have made application for enrollment and be accepted into Choice School.
  2. The School’s Tuition Assistance Administrator receives the results from Apple and processes the application.
  3. New student applicants will be notified of the results of their application within two weeks of receipt by Choice School from Apple of the results of their application.
  4. Returning students will be notified of the status of their application by
    March 15.

Call the school office at 604-273-2418 or email for more information.

To download our brochure click here Tuition Assistance Brochure.