Our Teachers and Staff

Our Teachers and Staff

    Principal's Office

    Mr. Sukhbir Bolina, Principal

    Sukhbir joined Choice School in the summer of 2021. He comes with a variety of experiences in the independent school system. After building the math department in a prominent school in Vancouver, Sukhbir became Head of Mathematics before embarking on a leadership role in a Surrey school.  Sukhbir is very passionate about education and believes that the whole world is a classroom. For several years, Sukhbir has been leading community service trips with Habitat for Humanity in which youth are taken to less developed countries and embark on building projects in the local communities.

    Sukhbir loves teaching and is a life-long learner. He believes that learning does not stop, regardless of age. In addition to his experiences in education, Sukhbir also has qualifications and experience in finance and is a qualified accountant. He holds a private pilots license and loves to fly when time permits. He is committed to creating nourishing, engaging, collaborative, learning environments where students are encouraged to take risks, value different perspectives, deepen their thinking, and strengthen their skills.


    Our educators

    Ms. Dykman, Oak class

    Ms. Dykman is very passionate about teaching and believes that she will learn just as much from her students, as they will learn from her. She is a lifelong learner who enjoys looking at things from a different perspective. When she has free time she can be found reading a book, kicking around a ball, or exploring nature.

    Ms. Dykman has completed both of her B.Ed and B.A with a Concentration in English at St. Mary’s University in Calgary. She has many years of experience with diverse learners and is very excited to start a new adventure at Choice.

    Ms. Sueyoshi, Cedar class

    Ms. Sueyoshi is excited to be part of the Choice School team as an elementary school teacher. She has experience working in countries around the world, including Japan, England, and the United States. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Childhood Education and Special Education. Ms. Sueyoshi believes in the potential for all students to succeed and works to cultivate an active and supportive environment to foster meaningful learning. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her three young children. 

    Mr. Lin, Hemlock class

    Mr. Lin is excited to be part of Choice School, he is compassionate educator known for his unwavering commitment to student growth and empowerment. With a Master’s degree in Childhood Education, and years of teaching experience, he brings a wealth of expertise to the classroom. Mr. Lin believes in fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a deep appreciation for self-exploration. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his wife, daughter and dog. He enjoys and appreciates cultures around the world.

    Mr. Armstrong, Birch class

    Mr. Armstrong has taught in different parts of the world such as Japan and Malaysia and has been teaching in the Lower Mainland for the past four years. He recently worked at a school for Autistic, Emotionally and Socially challenged children. He enjoys working with children to help them not only with their academics but also their emotional and social well being as well. When  not working, he enjoys spending time with my own two young children and exploring the various places in the Lower Mainland with my family.

    Mr. Rodrigues, Pine class

    Mr. Rodrigues has a strong background in Education and Psychology, coupled with extensive teaching tenure, Bryce brings a treasure trove of knowledge to the educational arena. He is a firm advocate for nurturing innovative thinking, instilling a sense of responsibility in learners, and cultivating a profound appreciation for accountability. During his leisure hours, Mr. Rodrigues enjoys savoring delectable Korean cuisine and seizing any opportunity to embark on exciting journeys with his future wife.

    Ms. Raisbeck, Fir class

    Ms. Raisbeck is eager to begin the new school year at Choice School. She is a passionate Teacher and Art Educator from Ontario, with experience teaching in the UK. Ms. Raisbeck graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and in Education, with a specialty in teaching At-Risk Youth. She believes that everybody learns in a unique way and aims to foster creativity and ingenuity in the classroom. In her free time, she can be found drawing or painting, enjoying nature, and playing basketball.

    Ms. Stanley, French Teacher

    Ms. Stanley is excited to join Choice this year teaching French. She has taught a full academic curriculum in Ontario and British Columbia for many years. The concepts of learning and collaboration are central to her philosophy. She has a passion for building community, engaging the learner, acting as guide and setting high standards. In her free time, Ms. Stanley enjoys travelling, cooking, listening to music and reading.

    Mr. Bolina (Mr. B), Support teacher

    Mr. B is joined Choice School as an Education Assistant in 2023 and now functions as a support teacher to Hemlock, Birch, Pine and Fir classes. He can draw upon his experience in a variety of industries including intelligence and real estate. He has graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BCom, and a BA in political science. His unique mix of work experience and knowledge will undoubtedly be an asset to Choice School and contribute to the teaching and support staff’s diversity.

    His hobbies include cooking, soccer, playing his flute and electric guitar, and attending metal concerts around Vancouver.


    Mr. Chan, Music Teacher

    Ms. Thackwray

    Ms. Thackwray is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist who graduated from the University of British Columbia. She began her career in pediatrics at The BC Centre For Ability in Vancouver where she worked both in the Early Intervention Program (0 – 5 year olds) and in the School Therapy Program in North and West Vancouver. She currently works as the Occupational Therapist at Choice School as well running her own pediatric private practice in Richmond, BC. She has worked extensively with children with children with difficulties with executive functioning, emotional regulation, sensory processing and motor coordination, in order to assist them in being successful in the home, community and school environments. Ms. Thackwray provides occupational therapy to the children she works with, and consults with parents and educators to help develop appropriate accommodations, programming and classroom environments to support individual student differences.

    Support Staff

    Ms. Jameela , Administrative Assistant

    Jameela is very happy to be working at Choice School. She graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University with a Diploma in Marketing and Graphic Design. She enjoys cooking from different cultures, crafts, drawing and painting. She loves all animals, but dogs and elephants are her favorites. Ms. Jameela has a daughter, and a dog named Karma, a cute little French bulldog who thinks she is a child. She also likes to travel whenever she can, and has been to many countries including Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, United Kingdom and the Caribbean. Ms. Jameela enjoys working with children and has a love for art and creativity.

    Ms. Lee

    Ms. Lee is excited to return to Choice School to work with all the incredible staff and students. She has been working with children and youth who have varying skill levels for the past three years. As a result Jackie has developed a love for interacting, encouraging, and helping children learn new strengths. In her free time, Jackie enjoys bouldering/rock climbing, hiking, traveling, spending time with family and walking her dog Mimi.

    Ms. Venkatramani (Ms. V)

    Ms. V is excited to be joining the Choice School staff in September 2022 and glad to continue her passion for helping students. She has an experience of 9 years working with an independent school specialized in learning disabilities. She worked in different roles as a cognitive teacher helping students strengthen their brain through cognitive exercises and an academic teaching assistant teaching Middle School Math and elementary English. She has guided variety of different learners with varied age groups ranging from 7 years old to adults.

    In her spare time, she loves to spend time with friends and family and enjoys cooking.

    Ms. Sarai

    Ms. Sarai is happy to be a part of the Choice School staff. She has worked as a special education assistant for three years and has been working with children for a total of five years.

    Ms. Sarai enjoys supporting the children at Choice School as they continue to learn and grow.

    In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, travelling, and spending time with friends and family.

    Ms. Howlett

    Ms. Howlett is thrilled to be returning after a brief time at Choice school at the end of the last year.
    This will be her first full year as an Education Assistant and is extremely exited to put her skills, knowledge, and passion into everyday practice.  Ms. Howlett has a creative arts background with education from Vancouver film school and B.C.I.T for Broadcast Journalism that she hopes will contribute to the already rich tapestry of skill sets offered at Choice School for gifted Children.

    Mr. Majid

    Mr. Majid has enjoyed working at Choice School for the last several years. He looks after the school grounds and maintains the school building, as well as being our friendly and professional school bus driver. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and graduated as a journalist from Kabul University. He is a musician and he likes to sing and play a variety of instruments.

    Mr. Majid likes to spend time with his family when he is not helping out at school.