Who Should Apply?


While Choice School specializes in the unique needs of gifted children, our small classes and dedicated teaching staff provide an excellent all-round education that is suitable for many children. Choice students thrive in a happy, supportive community where each child has a broad educational experience that addresses their individual needs.

Is Your Child Gifted?

There are a number of ways to define ‘Gifted Students’. Here are some attributes that may describe your child:

• curious
• intensely interested in something
• quick learner and easily able to see relationships in ideas, objects, or facts
• excellent problem solver
• very imaginative
• very sensitive, emotionally and even physically
• well developed sense of humor
• asks “what if” questions
• fond of learning new things
• interested in intellectual activity and displays intellectual playfulness

If your child has four or more of these attributes he/she may be a great fit for Choice School.