Tuition Fees


Our Annual Tuition Fee Schedule

Choice School makes every effort to structure tuition and fees at the lowest possible level commensurate with providing a high-quality education and a variety of learning experiences.  We are assisted in this as a Class 2 Independent School under the Independent School Act of British Columbia (Nov. 2016) with a partial per pupil grant for each enrolled student.  Additionally, as a Ministry designated Special Education School, we receive a second grant per pupil in recognition of the intensive staffing and additional supports that we provide to meet our students’ needs.

The following are the fees for the 2017/2018 school year:

Annual Tuition Fees 2017-2018 $15,800.00
 – Plus Parent Advisory Committee Volunteer Deposit (refundable) $400.00
–  Total $16,200.00
Payment Options
Early Payment Discount ($750.00)
– Tuition prepaid in full on or before June 15, 2017 $15,450.00
Plan A –  Tuition prepaid in full after June 15, 2017 and prior to September 5, 2017 $16,200.00
Plan B – 7 Installment Payment Plan
Plus, if applicable (new student enrollment) Capital Development Fund $1,500.00

Tuition charges at Choice School include the following:

    • An Individual Education Plan (IEP), prepared in consultation with parents, that acknowledges and accommodates the special learning needs of students.
    • Learning materials and resources to support a diverse education program.
    • Most field trips, cultural outings, performances and special events at the school.

Choice School participates in a Tuition Assistance Program for families who qualify.

Call the school at 604-273-2418 or email to book a personal tour or for more information.