Welcome to Choice School for the gifted and exceptional.

There are many reasons to choose Choice School for your child. We are an academically rigorous school that offers the following:

  1. A school setting that creates confident, self-assured students.
  2. An extraordinary, enriched academic program that is rigorous, highly advanced and leads to students being accepted into the best high schools.
  3. A school philosophy that encourages students to be who they are as individuals.
  4. A community where opportunities for learning in academics and life is supported by caring, supportive peers.

Choice is pleased to accept international students who meet our criteria for admission and federal regulations for enrollment in Canadian schools.  Please contact the school for additional information. We love to talk to families who are interested in exploring Choice School for their child.

You can contact us at 604.273.2418 or for more information or to apply.

We empower gifted and exceptional children to take chances and critically think about the world around them.”

-Lynn Chartres, Principal, Choice School