Principal’s Message


As the principal, I welcome you to Choice School for the Gifted in Richmond, B.C. I am honoured to be a part of the Choice community.

Our school was founded in 1985, which was about the time I began to study and work in the field of giftedness. Over the past three decades, Choice has continued to inspire and nurture the potential of its gifted students with innovative curricula and a caring, supportive learning environment.

High-ability and gifted students learn and understand differently from their chronological peers, and thrive when they are offered opportunities to learn at a pace, depth and breadth that matches their abilities and their passions. At Choice, our curriculum focuses on expanding core competencies through inquiry, critical thinking and problem-based learning. We consistently invite students to stretch to the edge of their optimal learning, to embrace open-ended opportunities and to develop high personal standards and goals.

Choice provides a dynamic environment in which individual abilities and differences are recognized, accepted and supported. Our experienced teachers are experts in supporting gifted and twice-exceptional learners, and share their students’ excitement for the adventure of learning.

We welcome your interest in our school and invite your questions about how Choice’s unique learning community might nurture the potential of your gifted child.

With warm regards,
Lynn Chartres, M.Ed

Lynn Chartres

Lynn Chartres
Principal, Choice School